As a land owner you want a trustworthy and experienced pair of hands to deal with the sale of your land. We know the buyers and who is in the market in your area. We will advise on the best approach to secure a buyer.

Our experience extends to large development sites of 200 + units down to single building plots.

Our largest land sale was in excess of 115 acres. We also advise on Options, Land Promotions and Conditional Land sales.

Our main emphasis is on Residential Development however we also promote land for commercial development i.e business parks.

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Land Valuation

We frequently encounter land owners attempting to market land at a price level which is unrealistic because the guide price has not fully taken into account up to date building costs, making allowances for CIL -Community Infrastructure Levy, Affordable homes, developer margin, landscaping, service connections to name but a few costs. By arranging an up to date valuation you are more likely to attract the quality buyer for your land and acheive a legal completion.

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